"If you're not willing to bleed on stage, then you shouldn't be there"

- Kyle winterstein -


Often referred to as one of the rock scenes most "underrated bands", Digital Summer has carved their own path from day one. Originating from Phoenix, AZ and stretching across the U.S. with several national tours and multiple charting radio singles without a label, this is a band that truly defines independence. They're known for their energetic live show, award winning songs and an uncompromising devotion for their fans. In fact in 2012, Digital Summer fans even financed their 3rd studio album, Breaking Point, through a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $51,000 initially and $90,000 through follow-up contributions. The album debuted #13 on Itunes Rock charts.

-  Heavy  -  Melodic  -  Rock  -  Electronic  -  Metal  -  Acoustic  -

Digital Summer isn't concerned with genre barriers. Their fast paced, hard hitting metal track "Forget You" (Breaking Point) reached #34 on Active Rock charts and is a raw, angst ridden anthem saying "F*ck you, forget you... goodbye!" to the past. While on the other hand, "This City" (After Hours: Unplugged & Rewired) is a melodic acoustic/electronic song written about the bittersweet love they have for their hometown.

"Bottom line, all that matters to us is that our fans connect with the music. We write what we feel and if that hits home for anyone listening then we've done our job." Says Vocalist Kyle Winterstein. "Simply put, good songs are good songs, no matter what genre they happen to fall into."

The band also has a unique twist to their tale. Bothers Kyle Winterstein (Vocals) and Ian Winterstein (Guitar) are both professional Firefighter/Paramedics. The brothers claim a large portion of their writing stems from experiences and emotions they've felt while dealing with certain aspects of their profession.

Kyle states, "You gain a different perspective for life and the human race being around people during their worst experiences. This ride we're all on is short and tomorrow is no guarantee for anyone."

Digital Summer is:
Kyle Winterstein @Digital_KyleVocals, Guitar, Production
Ian Winterstein @Digital_IanGuitar
Anthony Hernandez @Digital_Guido | Bass, Backing Vocals

Additional touring Musicians:
Austin Rios @TheAustinRios | Drums
Jon Stephenson @Jgs318 | Guitar (Also touring guitar for 3 Pill Morning/12 Stones)
Dan Johnson Drums (Also touring drummer for RED)
Derek Kleoppel | Guitar

Touring/Stage Crew:
Jason Mooberry | F.O.H. Sound Engineer
Matt "Rig" Jones | Drum/Stage Tech
Ram Rios | Driver/Stage hand

Publishing | Victim Entertainment
Media & Design | WinterVISION

Headbanger American Whiskey
ErnieBall Strings
Wornstar Clothing
Spector Bass
Schecter Guitars
Ram Trucking